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The Situation: Travelocity challenged us to build brand loyalty by making’s social content stand out against all other online travel agencies. Travelocity not only wanted to build their fanbase in social, they also wanted to increase their fan engagement and awareness online.

The Strategy: For our team, standing out wasn’t enough. We challenged ourselves to formulate a data centric strategy that used social media to drive sales, while also engaging their consumers in a campaign that would deliver social ROI.

The Analytics: Our team forensically mined social and CRM data to discover an opportunity. Distilling the research and studying Travelocity’s path to conversion led us to identifying areas where social could have the greatest impact.

The Solution: Our solution was to build a consumer-centric social conversion model that begins with social engagement, and subsequently utilizes data from that interaction to send personalized recommendations to the user. Simply put, we used engagement as a customized acquisition tool, and found that personalization is the key to conversion. The campaign #SeizeTheSeason would ultimately be comprised of a unique mixture of original content as well as consumer competitions, contests and image sharing.

The Execution: A campaign video was launched online and on television to bring initial awareness. As a next step, short form videos were created on Vine, while social posts were spread across Facebook and Twitter and personalized emails were created. The assets leveraged a hashtag of Seizing the specific season, such as #SeizeTheSummer to engage consumers to share their best travel photos. A second hashtag #WouldYouRather was used to further drive engagement, allowing consumers to choose between two travel destinations in a social competition.

The Results: We were able to increase click throughs and conversions, ultimately proving a consistent, measurable ROI on social. 11.2% growth in traffic and 25.2‰ growth in bookings. 1,528‰ increase in avg engagement & 35% increase in followers.
• 16,773 unique opt-ins for future correspondence
• 37,732 unique grand prize entries
• 18,462 daily contest entries
User generated content:
• 25,204 unique pieces of content
• Unique views on collection: 52,622
• Total clicks on UGC: 1,727

Project Details

  • Client:
  • Travelocity - Seize the Season
  • Category:
  • Analytics Strategy, social strategy, social management and social creative
  • Date:
  • 2015