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Acuity Ads is one of North America’s most successful programmatic media companies. Faced with unparalleled industry challenges brought on, in part, by an increasingly fraudulent supply chain, as well as global CEO’s who raised their collective voices in 2017. Programmatic media companies were singled out as a part of the media industry that owed all brands of the world a higher degree of transparency. 

In short, Acuity Ads needed a strategic re-brand, a new narrative and a campaign to help accompany a re-launch.


Using both our data science team in conjunction with strategic insight and leadership, we found whitespace no other programmatic media company owned. Brought to life with a brand purpose book, a new mission statement, values and manifesto, and the creation of B2B videos to be used to instantaneously differentiate from the competition.


A new market positioning, a new story and a campaign no other programmatic media company had ever been daring enough to bring to life.

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