Case study | Kubota

Analytics Strategy, Creative and Media by the Numbers for Kubota

The Situation: Kubota was looking to create a new series of content to engage their very niche marketplace and to drive online engagement.

The Solution: Utilizing online listening and analytics our team developed a strategy focused on delivering content and messaging specific to our target market. This was furthered by a social engagement media strategy focused on targeting the induvial likely to engage.

The Solution: The development of multiple videos for Kubota, based around the storyline Leaving Forever, all with the goal of driving interest among individuals likely to buy the Kubota RTV-X1100c tractor. These videos featured the story of a horse, no longer needed for duty in a lighthearted socially inspired campaign. The media plan was designed and executed on a 12-week campaign that focused on a unique targeting strategy to engage the Kubota consumer.

The Results: We exceeded its engagement target by over 300% and generated thousands of online interactions by amplifying content to over 1,500 relevant online communities, pages, and influencers.


Project Details

  • Client:
  • Kubota
  • Category:
  • Social Media + Strategy
  • Date:
  • 2015

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