Case study | Belkin

Belkin’s vast portfolio calls for striking informative content to help bring awareness to its brand's products. Their innovative tech gadgets and tools require video which reflects their clean and premium collection of accessories.

By seamlessly weaving new product into educational and lifestyle shots, we create smooth content pieces. Consumer electronics benefit from smart and clean product showcase videos.

Beyond’s in-house specialties in video production, film, motion graphics, VFX, and post production. Our expertise ensures your marketing comes to life – allowing your video channel, social media, and brand image to work together for maximum ROI and consumer engagement.

• Commercial & Advertising Production (Pre/Prod/Post)
• Pre-Production (Concept, Location, Talent, Equip, Crew)
• Legal (Permitting, Releases, Waivers)
• Post (Edit, VFX, Motion Graphics, Animation, Green Screen)

Project Details

  • Client:
  • Belkin
  • Category:
  • Social Media + Strategy
  • Date:
  • 2015

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