Case study | Lifeaid

BMG has helped to establish FitAID as the leading performance and recovery beverage in the functional fitness market. With a social audience size of 170,000+, the FitAID social assets have become a driving force behind LifeAID’s hyper-growth. With an estimated 150 million social impressions in 2015, the FitAID social accounts have played a pivotal role in LifeAID’s growth.

Through influencer marketing, strategic partnerships with non-profits, social giveaways, an innovative content marketing strategy, and strong community outreach, BMG has helped FitAID become an authority in the world of functional fitness. Built on the foundation of an almost obsessive fan base, the FitAID social accounts have grown to become a massively successful branding tool and revenue generator for LifeAID.


Project Details

  • Client:
  • Lifeaid
  • Category:
  • Social Media + Strategy
  • Date:
  • 2015 - Present

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