Case study | Scion AV

Scion partnered with Riley Hawk, professional skateboarder and son of the Godfather of vert, Tony Hawk, to create a series of video segments, a curated rock EP/video segment soundtrack, and a world-renowned show car. Riley and his crew, the Shep Dawgs, chose their four favorite skate parks in the Pacific Northwest, and set out with Scion to create one traditional style skate “video part” per park. Hawk chose songs from his favorite Rock bands to serve as the soundtrack, which were also packaged as a free EP release for fans to download, or pick up from skate shops in the form of CDs and vinyl.

The project car, dubbed “Scion x Riley Hawk Skate Tour xB,” was inspired by the combination of Hawk’s interests and 70’s style “Boogie Vans.” It features wood-grain décor, a mini fridge, shag carpet, an 8-track player, a custom Pioneer Sound System and the ability to play a guitar through the audio system using an iPad mini as a mixer. The xB also features a 1970s style custom paint pattern with a “fish bowl” side window and captain-style chairs in front and back.



  • Created an incomparably unique show car, garnering millions of impressions and media mentions following the vehicle’s unveiling at SEMA 2014.
  • Successfully targeted the specific community where board sports and stoner rock overlap.
  • Created authentic, well-received content for a brand with zero visibility in the action sports community prior to the partnership.




  • Over 300 individual media placements
  • Thousands of Social Media mentions
  • Over 40 Million impressions


Project Details

  • Client:
  • Scion AV
  • Category:
  • Events + Experiential
  • Date:
  • 2015

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