Case study | Scion

The Scion iM/iA influencer event brought together auto influencers for an exclusive opportunity to become familiar with the Scion iA/iM, in a car show environment that was natural and authentic to this audience.

The event not only highlighted the Scion iM and Scion iA, in both stock and modified options, but also included cars from the Toyota Museum such as the Toyota 2000GT, Lexus LFA Nurburgring Edition, Toyopet Crown, and Scion iM Concept, alongside a variety of Toyota family show cars, exotics, and classics.

The attendees consisted of car enthusiasts and influencers including bloggers, forum moderators, car celebrities, car event promoters, after market vendors, core auto publications, show models, and show car owners.

Notable guests and their vehicles included Jofel Tolusa of Super Street Magazine, Noel Barnum of Canibeat, Antonio Alvendia of MotorMavens, Keith Charvonia of Speedhunters, Robert Kochis’ Stay Crushing FR-S, Ben Chong of RSR Racing, Daniel Covarrubias AKA Killagram, Armand Pranadi AKA TRD3SGTE, Rafael Leal’s R1 Concepts FR-S, Scott Kanemura who built the Riley Hawk Scion xB, Young Tea’s FR-S RS 1.0, Kenji of GReddy Racing, Mike Vu of MV Designz and Troy Sumitomo of Five Axis.

• Over 9.6 million total impressions
• 1,799,877 estimated influencer impressions
• Estimated reach over 5.5 million


Project Details

  • Client:
  • Scion
  • Category:
  • Content Creation
  • Date:
  • 2015

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