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THE SCION MUSICLESS MUSIC CONFERENCE is held annually in the bustling music industry epicenter of Los Angeles. Each year the 2-day event features panels and workshops relevant to the ever-changing landscape of today’s music business, aimed at developing and inspiring independent and emerging artists. In recent years there has been tremendous change in the musical climate. The conference’s unwavering goal is to curate relevant panels and host workshops that are beneficial and informative to musicians. A variety of esteemed industry professionals speak about their respective areas of expertise for an audience of professional artists typically early in their careers. Past panels and workshops include:

• Merchandising Possibilities in Dance Music
• Publishing 101
• How To Build Relationships With Brands
• Truth in Social Media
• How to Make a Badass Video

Access to the experience and advice of seasoned professionals is always the most rewarding aspect to which attendees refer. Past panelists and speakers include:

• Nile Rodgers
• Cheech Marin
• Killer Mike
• Al Jougenson
• Action Bronson
• Dave Sardy
• Executives from: Spotify / BMI / VICE / SoundCloud / Big Cartel

At zero cost to attend, there is absolutely no other music industry event like MMC. Beyond organizes the entire run of a 2-day conference for 300+ annual attendees, who attend their choice of 12+ daily panels and workshops, from topic and talent selection, to PR outreach, Social Media, web admin, content creation, travel booking, all the way to napkin selection.

• Hundreds of aspiring musicians leave the conference with real, valuable, applicable knowledge. 
• 20 hours of quality video content collected
• 200 annual media placements
• up to 60,000,000 media impressions annually

Project Details

  • Client:
  • Scion
  • Category:
  • Social Media + Strategy
  • Date:
  • 2011 - 2014

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