Case study | Scion AV

When we say that Scion supports the arts, we mean it. It's gallery in LA has been going strong 10 years deep.

Scion is eternally dedicated to fostering independent artistic expression. Beyond’s management of the Scion AV Installation is the visual arts program allows the youth focused branch of Toyota to showcase incredible talent.


Scion's Installation program has two distinct facets. The touring component of the Installation program sends a gallery of work on tour across the US and displays the artwork of some of the finest and progressive of visual talent around. The LA based gallery, having been located in Culver City, and now in Los Angeles, features both a gallery space and a retail component.

• All proceeds from the retail sales are given back to the artist or donated to a charity of their choosing
• The current gallery/retail space allows artists to explore their creative visions and is a retail destination with uniquely designed products
• The Scion gallery has earned critical acclaim with the revolving roster of national & international artists


The 4 week-long shows have featured diverse artists including:
• Ed Emberley
• Kenton Parker
• Dalek
• Chrissie Abbott
• David Choe
• Franki Chan
• Mark Motherbaugh
• Adam Wallacavage
• Sage Vaughn

Project Details

  • Client:
  • Scion AV
  • Category:
  • Events + Experiential
  • Date:
  • 2009 - 2015

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