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The Tanner Foust Edition Eneos Oil Volkswagen RWBeetle represents a first of its kind automotive collaboration. Debuting at the 2014 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, this custom wide-body VW Beetle combines the talents of rallycross and drift champion, Tanner Foust with legendary Japanese tuner Rauh Welt-Begriff (RWB). Lead by Akira Nakai, RWB is famous for crafting very wild and very wide Porsches. The “RWBeetle” is Nakai-san's first non-Porsche, but with 8 inches of added width, it is very true to the RWB name. Beyond MG helped to facilitate this collaboration, managed the design, production, and promotion of the build, which debuted with rave reviews from both media and enthusiasts alike. With over 16.5 million digital impressions measured, the RWBeetle has been seen as a success for Tanner, VW, and all those involved.



• The Eneos Oil VW RWB Beetle represents a collaboration between Tanner Foust and Rauh Welt-Begriff (RWB) – famed Japanese tuner of Porsches.
• Custom body work was created, adding over 8” of width to the Beetle in signature RWB style.
• Debuted at the 2014 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. The vehicle was on display in the Eneos Motor Oil booth for 4 days. It will now tour the U.S. at various autos shows and events with Volkswagen.
• BMG helped facilitate the first non-Porsche vehicle that RWB has produced


• 16.5 million impressions
• Quantitative successes: 9.9 million total social impressions
• Attendees: 150,000+
• PR coverage: 6.5 million web impressions

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  • Tanner Foust
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  • Content Creation
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