Case study | YouTube Spotlight Canada

Paid Media for YouTube Spolight Canada

The Situation: 

YouTube came to us to help promote their Spotlight Canada channel - designed to showcase Canadian YouTube Creators and the amazing content they were uploading. They wanted us to help manage the paid media and develop creative to increase the awareness, viewership, and subscriber base for the channel.

The Solution: 

It's usually assumed that big name stars are American, whether that be famous actors, musicians, or even YouTube creators. However, some of the biggest names out there are Canadian, and there's something for everybody. We developed a paid social media campaign for the channel that highlighted a new theme each month and showcased some of the top Canadian YouTube creators in that subject matter, from comedy, to beauty, and beyond.  We directed traffic to the Spotlight Canada Channel, which featured a trailer that highlighted some of the amazing things that Canadians are posting online. Using recognizable faces and engaging content were the keys to reaching and engaging with the target market.

The Results: 

So far, we've had millions of impressions from the campaign, helping to drive awareness of the YouTube Spotlight Canada brand, as well as thousands of views and subscribers as the channel continues to grow.

Project Details

  • Client:
  • YouTube Spotlight Canada
  • Category:
  • Paid Media
  • Date:
  • Ongoing since 2017

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